[ General Info About The Guides ]
Q1. What do ExamKiller.net guides contain? How many questions are there in the guides?
Q2. Are the guides English version? Are the questions of the IT certification worldwide the same?
Q3. What is the format of your products?
[ Order Related ]
Q4. How do I buy the ExamKiller.net guides?
Q5. Is it secure to order online using credit cards?
Q6. Can I use a free email account like hotmail or yahoo to receive my study guide order?
[ Delivering And Updating ]

Q7. How do you deliver the products and how soon could I receive them?
Q8. What about your product updating policy? How could I get the updates of the products?
[ Miscellaneous ]
Q9. Do you have any guarantee for the guides? Will I get refunds if I fail the exams?
Q10. I need some guides which are not in your product list. Will you produce them?
Q11. How could I contact you if your site is down and/or your emails cannot be reached?

Answer to Q1.
The latest real exam questions and correct answers which you can't find anywhere else. What you will have in your real exams are exactly what you will have in the ExamKiller.net guides so the pass of the exams is 100% guaranteed.

The number of questions in the guides varies depending on the specific IT certification exam question pools most of which contain 50-300 questions.

More details about the ExamKiller.net guides: 1) No Explanations of the answers are available in the guides. 2) No cram notes are available in the guides. However, you could download various cram notes which contain exam core concepts for free from some sites listed in our Partners column.

There is a policy of ExamKiller.net not to disclose the accurate details of various certification exam question pools publicly. Accordingly, we will not disclose the exact number of questions there are in the guides and when exactly the guides were updated most recently, so please do NOT inquire. We do guarantee our guides are updated as necessary and cover the most current exam question pools.

Note: Due to some reasons, ExamKiller.net states that the questions in all the Cisco and Oracle certification guides can only be regarded as the most realistic exam questions available in the market. Our most competitive money back guarantee still applies to all the Cisco and Oracle certification guides. Thanks for your understanding.

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Answer to Q2.
At the present, we only provide the English version of the ExamKiller.net guides to all the customers. Yes, the question pool of any IT certification exam is worldwide the same.

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Answer to Q3.
Adobe Acrobat PDF files. PDF is almost the industry standard for distributing e-books. You
only need to download the free Adobe Reader to open and print PDF files. No installation needed and no viruses involved. We don't think it's a good idea to produce any engine for those questions. Why do we need to make things simple to be so complicated?

The PDF files are encrypted and the contents can not be copied and pasted into other files like MS Word Doc etc. We can not send the guides in any other format other than the current PDF. Thanks for your understanding.

Please do NOT use the earlier versions of Acrobat Reader for our guides which probably can not be opened or printed correctly by any earlier versions than ver. 7.0. For some parts of the PDF files you probably need to amplify the PDF to more than 150% to read the words or pictures more clearly on the screen.

The guides you download are in rar format originally. Rar files are "archives" used for distributing and storing files. So you need an unrar tool to extract PDF files from the rar files first before being able to read the PDF guides with Acrobat Reader.

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Answer to Q4.
We offer our Secure Online Ordering System from www.bluesnap.com.

Orders are verified in real time and are secured by 128-bit SSL. Once payment is confirmed you will be sent a sales receipt from www.bluesnap.com instantly. You will receive your guides within 24 hours from purchase. The ordering system allows use of various credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Eurocard etc.

We have now added a new online creditcard processing feature provided by Skrill. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for further information. Mail us your queries at [email protected]

**IMPORTANT NOTE** Please be aware that Skrill will appear on your credit card statement, not ExamKiller.net.

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Answer to Q5.
Yes, it is safe to order online using a credit card. We have a Secure Online Ordering System at www.bluesnap.com. If you would like more information, visit www.bluesnap.com.

ExamKiller.net does not process your payment so we can not have your credit card number in any way. Also, on your credit card statement, please NOTE: BlueSnap will be on your credit card statement, not ExamKiller.net.

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Answer to Q6.
Yes you can, please make sure that your free email has about (2Meg) of free email space. Some of our study guide(s) are very big which consist of diagrams and screenshots, that is the reason why we say to have at least (2Meg) of free email space upon delivery of our study guide(s). If you have not received your study guide within 24 hours, please email us at [email protected] . Please be sure to put a) Transaction ID b) email used to order the study guide(s).

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Answer to Q7.
We send our study guide(s) to your email account in PDF or Zipped format. We also send our guides with a link where you can download our guide(s). You would receive an email with the ordered products within 24 hours (generally 2 to 12 hours) after you place the order.

If you don't receive this email within 36 hours after you place the order. It is most probable that the email you filled in the order form is wrong or it just does not work properly, and then please contact us for help by providing a 100% working email account and your phone number in the email.

We can ONLY guarantee to deliver the guides within 48 hours after you place the order. If you need the guides urgently and can't wait at most 48 hours, please do NOT order. Some VUE exam paper need to wait about one week and every VUE exam we don't gurantee pass at first 100%, because in different place maybe the test result are not the same, some place can pass well and some place has failed. So every customer purchased VUE exam questions all need to study technology ,not just recite our exam questions. If you cannot accept this policy, please don't purchase our exam questions. Thanks for your understanding.

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Answer to Q8.
we offer all of our customer's free updates for a period of 3 months from the date of purchase. If you purchase one of our discounted bundles, we offer 6 months of free updates from date of purchase.

When you're ready to take an exam, contact us at [email protected], we will verify if there have been any updates to your study guide(s). If updates have been made within 3 months of your purchase date, we will immediately send you the updated study guide free of charge.

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Answer to Q9.
ExamKiller.net is proud to provide the best top-quality IT certification questions in the market and we have the most competitive and straightforward money-back guarantee. If you fail your exam only ONCE then you will get full refunds by sending back the fail transcript via fax or email. On the contratry, most other vendors either do not refund you or are unwilling to refund you intentionly by having a fail-twice-then-money-back trick. For the details of ExamKiller.net's money back gurantee, please go to the left "Guarantee column.

More than 99.5% of our customers pass the exams at their first tries. So why the left 0.5% customers fail their exams if the guides contain 100% real exam questions in the most current question pools? Certification exam vendors update the question pools sometimes. Although we try our best to keep up with them, there is always a lag of the time when we could know the vendors are updating the questions and we manage to get the new questions. If unfortunately a customer takes the exams during this lag time, he will probably fail. There is no method we know which could reduce this 0.5% fail ratio ...

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Answer to Q10.
If the guides you need are not in our product list this means we don't have them now. However we greatly appreciate your suggestions which will help us know the needs of our customers and provide a better service as a result. Please email to [email protected] and we will seriously consider your any suggestions although we can not reply to every email.

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Answer to Q11.
Our site www.ExamKiller.net and the corresponding emails [email protected] are very stable. If you happen not to be able to reach them please just try again some time later and in most cases it will be OK. If you are sure that our site is down and will not be resumed in a short time, please wait a moment and try again ..

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